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How much does it cost to resurface my tennis court/basketball court?

Well that depends on how big of an area you are recoloring, a standard tennis court is 60’x120’. A standard 3 coat system and striping usually ranges from $3500-$4500. The court may also require some repair of cracks/low areas or power washing, repairs could range from $800 – $5000 depending on the repair option selected. Also, the more courts that are to be resurfaced the lower the cost/court becomes.

How much does it cost to build a tennis court?

There are a large number of variables to consider, such as court size, hard or cushioned surface, asphalt or concrete base, access to the site, existing soil conditions, lighting and fencing. On average, for one outdoor asphalt tennis court with 3 coat acrylic coating system, standard size 60’x120’ with vinyl fencing all around and no lighting, $28,000-$35,000.

How long do I have to stay off my tennis court after it is resurfaced/recolored?

Usually, 24-48 hours after the color system has been applied, the striping line paint dries/cures much faster and the surface can be played on within 24 hours.

Do you stripe basketball courts on tennis courts?

Yes, we offer striping on most games and offer custom logos and layouts. We have multiple colors for line paint which allow for multiple games on one surface.

Can you fix the cracks in my court?

Yes, we have economical repair options that can remediate any safety or playability concerns. We also offer long term repairs that are guaranteed as well.

Why did my tennis court re-crack?

Cracking in asphalt is caused by the natural tendency of asphalt to shrink as it weathers, oxidizes and ages. It loses it flexibility with age, making it more brittle. Since these are material properties of asphalt, cracking in asphalt tennis courts is inevitable. When? Where? and how much? are questions that cannot be predicted. All methods of repair will provide some additional life for the court and some will extend the court by many years, but eventually cracks will reappear or new cracks will form.

Do you sell tennis nets, windscreens and other accessories?

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories. Although we do not have an “internet store”, our pricing is very competitive to national retailers.

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