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Tennis Court Surfaces

Surfaces for Tennis, Basketball, In-line Hockey, Decorative Walkways and more.

We’ve installed acrylic coatings on thousands of sport surfaces, and we’ve partnered with Plexipave Sport Surfacing Systems as the manufacturer/supplier for our sport acrylic coatings.


The Plexipave Color Finish System is an all-weather, durable, quick drying color surface that provides superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. It is a 100% acrylic, latex color intense tennis surface formulated for use over asphalt and concrete. Plexipave is ideal for tennis courts, play areas, basketball courts, pathways and fieldhouses. Plexipave Color Card 13 colors to choose from.



The Official Surface for the Australian Open, the sub-surfacing system is comprised of SBR and EPDM rubber granules, compressed plastic particles and special mineral fibers bound by special water-based polymers.




This system combines the force reduction of the Plexitrac System with the consistency of Plexicushion. The thicker layer of cushioning contains specifically-gradated rubber granules with a polyresin binder technology. Ideal seamless surface for indoor and warm weather climates.



A reinforced, smooth acrylic coating for use over asphalt or concrete. Plexiflor is an all-weather, non-abrasive, textured, multi-purpose athletic surface. It is an economic and durable alternative to urethane and wood systems, and provides an easily maintained and color intense surface. Ideal for in-line hockey as well as basketball and volleyball courts, skate parks, play areas, and multi-sport recreational areas.



A unique, durable acrylic coating and overlay system designed for strong, long lasting decorative protection on asphalt and concrete surfaces. It provides a medium texture, non-skid surface ideal for walkways, pathways, entrances, patios, court yards, pool decks, golf paths and jogging paths.


Products Used: Tennis & Basketball Courts


The Plexipave Color Surfacing System, developed through almost four decades of technological advancements in acrylic athletic surfacing, is a durable, asbestos free, colorful playing surface compatible with hot mix asphalt, asphalt emulsion surfaces and suitably prepared concrete. The Plexipave System is a combination of texture coats and finish coats that provide a long-wearing color surface of uniform texture. The system is suitable for all climatic conditions and protects asphalt from ultraviolet ray deterioration. Based on 100% acrylic water vehicle coatings, the Plexipave System dries rapidly and allows surfaces to breathe enabling moisture vapor to pass through the dried film.

ARMOR® Crack Repair System

The most common problem with asphalt tennis courts is cracking. Cracking is caused, in part, by asphalt’s natural tendency to shrink as it weathers and ages. In addition, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle over time. Since outdoor tennis courts are also exposed to temperature extremes that cause expansion and contraction, cracking is inevitable almost without exception.

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Running Track Construction

Goddard Coatings and Sport Surfaces has the expertise and resources to evaluate, repair or rebuild your schools running track. Beautiful running tracks for schools and colleges in Michigan.

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Tennis Court Repair

Goddard Coatings offers many choices for tennis court resurfacing and repair. From simple crack-repairs to the installation of cushioned surfaces and textures, we do it all.

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