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Running Track Construction

Running Track Construction

Our systems for running tracks
We have developed a number of various polyurethane and latex running track systems depending on what you are trying to achieve and to accommodate your budget, known as the family of Goddard Track Systems, or GTS. Below is an overview of the different track systems.

Latex vs Polyurethane?
Generally the initial cost of installing a latex running track is less than a polyurethane, but the lifespan of a polyurethane is usually longer. Additionally, latex running tracks usually require repair or additional layers of rubber sooner than a polyurethane track would need repair. Both systems have pros and cons over the other, but which one to select is most likely determined by your preferences, life expectancy, surface wear, repairability, environmental conditions, performance characteristics, and initial cost.

Latex Running Tracks

The affordability of latex tracks is achieved by installing rubber granules or strands in multiple layers and spraying latex binder over each layer, creating a permeable running surface. They can be black or a colored sandwich system, which is a black rubber base with colored rubber and pigmented latex binder.

Permeable, layered latex bound rubber granule or strand track surface, which includes an optional colored sandwich top surface.

Polyurethane Running Tracks

The lasting durability of polyurethane tracks are designed to be permeable or impermeable, generally mixed and installed on site, and can be colored or black.

Permeable, paved-in-place full depth, full color base mat track surface.

Permeable, paved-in-place base mat track surface with pigmented 100% solids structural spray

Impermeable, paved-in-place base mat track surface, two component seal layer, with pigmented structural spray

Impermeable, paved-in-place base mat, two component seal layer, two component UV stabilized elastomeric polyurethane wearing course with embedded rubber


Permeable, layered rubber granule track surface bound with black pigmented latex Plexitrac Binder and top coated with Plexitrac Coating. The Plexitrac Coating is manufactured by Plexipave and specially formulated to maintain UV resistance and retard oxidation.


Permeable, layered rubber granule track surface bound with red pigmented latex Plexitrac Binder and top coated with Plexitrac Coating or Plexitrac Surfacer. The Plexitrac Surfacer is manufactured by Plexipave and consists of fully encapsulated EPDM rubber.



Permeable, layered black and red rubber granule sandwich track surface bound with red pigmented latex Plexitrac Binder and top coated with Plexitrac Coating or Plexitrac Surfacer.



IAAF Certified, permeable layered rubber granule sandwich track surface bound with Plexitrac XP Binder and top coated with Plexitrac XP Coating. The enhanced performance binder provides superior strength and elongation properties for thicknesses from 12-15mm depending on certification requirements.


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Running Track Construction

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